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The 5th joint meeting of high-level administrators in Sinobioway Group Co., Ltd was held in Beijing

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     In the morning of October 20 2012, the 5th joint meeting of high-level administrators of the company was held in the Sinobioway Group Co., Ltd. headquarters. Over 90 people from the group and subsidiary companies were present in the meeting.

  The meeting was chaired by LuoDesheng, senior vice president. In the beginning, president Yang Xiaomingbriefly reviewed the history of 20 years development of the company and previous meetings; she was overwhelmed by the growth of competitive administrative teams, both in size and composition. She hoped that the administrative team take the opportunity of 20th anniversary celebration to take another step forward. Then Dr. Pan, the chairman, gave the keynote speak. Dr. Pan shared his understanding of bioeconomy and vividly explained the social and economic events in bioeconomic views.At last Dr. Pan encouraged the whole high-level administrators to take opportunities to spur innovation and accelerate development, let the apple tree of Sinobioway in gene tribe to growth more apples and make great contribution to the people and society.
  All of the presents were taken a group photo in front of the main building and visited the new decorated headquarters.