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Opening ceremony of Hunan Sinobioway Chuangling forest-oil-integration project demonstration base of state forest admini

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       At 3:30 pm October 14 1012, state forest administration held the plaque unveiling ceremony in the pilot plant of Hunan Sinobioway Chuangling bio-energy Co. Ltd. in Hunan Weiming Science and Technology Frontiers park andofficially named the base as “State Forestry Administration Forest-Oil-Inegration Demonstration Base”. About hundred people attended the ceremony, including the department of afforestation and land greening, state forest administration Secretary Wang Zhuxiong, Hunan province forestry department vice director Tang Miaosheng, of high technology industry, Hunan development and reform commission deputy director Zhang Shuangqi, Hunan province energy department deputy director GuYansheng, Department of afforestation, Hunan province forest department director Mao Xinnong, Office of energy Hunan province forest department Ouyan Riming, Prof. Li Dazhong from Tsinghua University, Prof. Jiang Jianxin from Beijing forestry university, Prof. Su Shuchai from Beijing forestry university, Sinobioway chairman Pan Aihua and other leaders from other provinces and municipalities and experts from universities and institutes. All of the present visitedBiodiesel, ethanol-fuel system and processing systems, watched the demonstration of biodiesel, enthanol-fuel engine starting and field traveled to plant bases. They greatly appreciated the company’s achievement.
  The plaque unveiling ceremony of the first “forest-oil-integration project demonstration base” not only points a right direction for sustainable development in bioenergy, but also serves as a model for research, application and popularization of forest-oil integration. This also changes the situation of energy demand andpartitions the fuel product architecture in China.
  It follows the current global trend of developing green, low-carbon, environment-friendly, renewable bioenergy.