Chairman's Address

    Peaking University, which has gone through a century of vicissitudes, remains ahead of its time. Caring for the fate of the nation and bearing the mission of serving the country with innovation and reform, it has formed the inspiring tradition of patriotism, progressiveness, democracy and science. As the renowned writer Lu Xun said, “Peking University is always forward thinking; it is the pioneer of social movements. It strives to push China to move toward a better and upward way.”During my study and work in the university, I found myself constantly pondering beside the Boya Pogoda by the Unnamed Lake. Like life-giving spring breeze and rain, the all-inclusive, open-minded, innovative and pioneering spirit of the university has strengthened my faith to work hard and achieve success.
    1992 marked a turning point in the history of China. Following Premier Deng Xiaoping’s southern tour, mind emancipation transformed China and a new wave of opening up and reform was gaining momentum. It was in the breeze of reform that Sinobioway was born and in the sunshine of opening-up that it was nurtured. In the same year, by the Unnamed Lake that has constantly fostered innovation, we established Sinobioway Bioengineering Company with a loan of over 400,000 Yuan from the University and a garage-sized office under the direction of Mr. Yanshen Ren and Dr. Chen Zhangliang. 
    With the support of generations of University leaders, teachers, students and all sectors of society, Sinobioway Group has become a flagship enterprise of the bioindustry in China and the place of origin of global bioeconomy after twenty years of development. Its development process can be compared to the growth of plants. During the first decade, a seed full of hope broke through the sand and grew into a young sprout in the desert with what seemed like God's help; in the second decade, it thrived amid numerous hardships under meticulous care to become an apple tree with exuberant foliage; I hope that in the following decade, it can bear red apples, the third of its type that belongs to oriental China following Newton and Jobs’epoch-making apples.  
    I made three predictions as early as 1998: should the 2008 Olympics be held in China, China would surpass the US in gold medal standings; in 2020 China shall overtake the US to become the world’s largest economy in terms of GDP; human society shall enter into an era of bioeconomy in 2020. So far, the first prediction has already been confirmed; the second shall soon come true, and we have good reasons to believe that the third shall eventually become a reality. Bioeconomy will serve as forceful guarantee for tackling major issues concerning the subsistence and development of human being such as population, health, food, environment, energy, marine and biosecurity.
    Currently, Sinobioway Group is determined to start a new industrial revolution while shouldering the mission of “Developing Bioeconomy and Contributing to the Fulfillment of the China Dream". I created the New Capital theory with the core concept of "Capital Controls the World; Life Determines Capital; Genes Dictate Life". In the new stage of development, Sinobioway, holding "Life Determines Capital" as the marketing motto, is leading people to return to nature, to the people-oriented mentality and to the essence of life in their pursuit of economic development.
    In the future, we will seek reciprocal and win-win cooperation with people from all walks of life so as to seize development opportunities and shoulder responsibilities of our time. By making down-to-earth efforts constantly, we will jointly create a better future and contribute to the exploration of the way of an innovative path of world economic development, the way of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, and the way of a peaceful and sustainable development for the human being!