About Sinobioway

    Sinobioway Group Co., Ltd. (Sinobioway Group), founded in 1992, is one of the three main industrial groups affiliated with Peking University. Sinobioway Group is mainly engaged in bioeconomy system establishment and bio-industry development. It primarily invests in biomedicine, bioagriculture, bioenergy, bioenvironment, bioservices, biomanufacturing and biointelligence. The company has become a flagship enterprise in China’s bioindustry and has the potential to become one of the most competitive corporate groups in the world. 
    Sinobioway Group adheres to the concept of ‘Revitalizing China Through Science and Education, Serving China Through Industrial Development, and Reinforcing China Through National Health Improvement’. Upholding the principle of ‘Constructing Bioeconomic System and Building the Flagship of Bioeconomy’, it has formed three advantages of a solid industrial foundation, an innovative economic system and a unique development philosophy. Over the past two decades since its foundation, the company has accomplished substantial pioneering and record-breaking work for China’s bioindustry and has made remarkable achievements, many of which have been ranked as number one in China as well as the whole world. It has initially built the world’s first bioeconomy incubator, created the bioeconomic theory and the bioeconomic model. Sinobioway Group is the place of origin for global bioeconomy.
    Under the guidance of the bioeconomic theory, the company has developed the bioeconomy industry by applying the bioeconomic model according to the corporate development plan of "Taking Great Strides One Step at a Time to Realize Three Big Dreams", which include creating a brand-new theoretical system, addressing China's food security problem and problems in the medicine sector. It strives to achieve the objectives of creating a theoretical system, building a leading enterprise and initiate an industrial revolution. It aims to become a flagship enterprise of the bioeconomy era and contribute to the exploration of the way of an innovative path of world economic development, the way of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, and the way of a peaceful and sustainable development for the human being.