Our Team

Chairman   Pan Aihua

Dr. Pan received a Bachelor of Medicine in 1984 from Xiangya Medical College and a Master in Aerospace Medicine in 1989 from China Space Medical Institute. In 1991, he obtained his PhD in Biochemistry from Peking University and in 1995 studied his second PhD in Political Economy under the prestigious economist Xiao Zhuoji. In the same year, he proposed the concept of bioeconomy and established the bioeconomic theory in his papers published on the subject in 2003. The bioeconomic system mainly includes three aspects: bioeconomic theories, bioeconomic model and the bioeconomy industry.

The bioeconomic theory is mainly composed of following ten theories: Bioeconomics, New Capital, Econo-genology, Theory of Biological Reconstruction of Assets, Medical Model of Stock Market, Theory of Information Carrier of Life, Triad Theory, Social-genology, Theory of Asymmetric Management Information, and Corporate Theory of State. The bioeconomic model refers to the new economic model created with the direction of bioeconomic theories, which is mainly composed of bioeconomy community and bioeconomy incubators. The bioeconomy industry refers to the industry formed via the integrated and coordinated development of big finance, big market and big industry by applying the bioeconomic model under the direction of bioeconomic theories. The big industry has three features: first, it takes the bioindustry as the dominant force and the central role; second, it facilitates the application of modern science and technologies in bioindustry; third, it promotes the integrated and coordinated development of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries.

In 1998, Dr. Pan released the prediction for the first time: the human society shall enter into the era of bioeconomy in 2020. Through nearly two decades of exploration and practice, Dr. Pan Aihua has always been an active advocator of bioeconomy and has played a leading role in the era of bioeconomy. Because of his innovative and outstanding contributions to bioeconomy, Dr. Pan is regarded as the father of bioeconomy and Sinobioway Group serves as the place of origin of bioeconomy around the world.

Management Team 

Chairman of the Board Dr. Pan Aihua (center),  President Yang Xiaomin (2nd from left), Senior Vice President Luo Deshun (1st from right), Senior Vice President Zhao Furong (2nd from right), Senior Vice President Wang Jun (1st from left)