Located within Xiamen PKU Biopark, the Sinobioway-invested world’s largest manufacturing base for nerve growth factors (NGFs) for injection now has an annual output of 10 million tubes. On December 23, 2013, the NGF production line obtained the 2010 new-edition GMP certificate.

In June 2013, Sinobioway affiliate Beijing Sinovac completed a production line with an annual output of 20 million tubes of hand-foot-mouth disease (HFMD) vaccine. Unblinded results of the Phase III clinical trial of the EV71 vaccine show a 95% protection rate against diseases caused by EV71 virus. It is expected to obtain the national CFDA certification and put into mass production by 2015.

The insulin manufacturing base currently under construction is based in Changzhou Biomedicine Industrial Park, Jiangsu province. Covering an area of over 15 hectares, it is the largest in the world with a planned annual output of 5000 kg of insulin raw materials and one billion tubes of insulin preparations. Construction is scheduled for three phases: phase I has commenced since December 2012, and has finished in 2015 with an annual output of 750 kg of raw materials, and 15 million tubes of preparations. The whole project is scheduled to be finished before 2020.

Sinobioway has built the world’s largest interferon manufacturing base in Tianjin Hualida Biopark, featured by: 1. largest in terms of output with an annual production of over one billion tubes valued at over 10 billion yuan; 2. completest range of varieties covering α、β、γ subtypes, five types of interferon α preparations (injectant, drops, sprays, suppository, emulsion); 3. transform interferon α into “anti-viral penicillin” to control the treatment costs of chronicle hepatitis within 1000 yuan. Currently the base has produced seven products including recombinant human interferon α2b lyophilized powder, recombinant interferon α2b prefilled injectant and sprays.

Located within Hefei Chaohu Economic Development Zone (Hefei Bantang Bioeconomy Experiment Zone), the world’s largest antibody manufacturing base invested and built by Sinobioway Group covers a gross floor area of 40 hectares, where it is scheduled to produce top ten antibody drugs in the market. The project has commenced on August 26th, 2014 and is expected to produce the first antibody drug in 2016 and the top ten drugs by 2020. Once finished, it will become world’s largest antibody manufacturing base.

By taking advantage of the unique strengths of China and Sinobioway Group, the company created a high-efficiency new drug R&D system to industrialize new findings around the world. Meanwhile, it built a new drug expressway by integrating global medical resources so as to tackle health issues faced by humanity. The specific objectives are to build a high-efficiency new drug R&D system by 2025; obtain the approval of about 25 new drugs per annum (equivalent to the total sum of new drugs approved by the FDA in the US annually); reduce the average R&D costs of new drugs to below $30 million (from the current $1.5 billion); and shorten R&D duration to around 8 years (from the current period of 10 – 15 years). The system is marked by three prominent features: rich source of projects, precise selection of projects, complete service system.

The High-efficiency R&D System of New Drugs will Trigger a Revolution in the Field