Bioeconomic Model

    The bioeconomic model refers to an economic model of value creation established under the guidance of bioeconomic theories, mainly including the bioeconomic community, the bioeconomy incubator, and the health internet of things (iHealth).

Bioeconomy Community

    Based on his studies of human society, economy and development history by using the bioeconomic theories, Dr. Pan put forward the concept of bioeconomy community, which says that it is an ideal model for China's new urbanization drive and an ideal community for the human being in the future. According to the Social-genology theory created by Dr. Pan, the family is the code of society; the organization is the gene; the community is the cell. The theory emphasizes that communities should be the key and center of social construction, management and services; therefore, communities, rather than a separate organization, should be the basic unit of social reforms and an ideal society for the human being should be constituted based on each individual social cell (the community). The bioeconomy community can be simply called the “Gene Tribe”, in which benefits of modern science and technology are extended to a lifestyle of primitive tribes. The New Capital Theory created by Dr. Pan holds that capital controls the world; life determines capital; genes dictate life. Sinobioway Group attempts to build the bioeconomy community- Sinobioway Commune. As the bioeconomy community represents the primary stage of communism (prototype), the bioeconomic theories also provide a strong support for the realization of a communist society. Therefore, the development of bioeconomy is an inevitable path towards the realization of an ideal society.

Bioeconomy Incubator

   The bioeconomy incubator is a new economy incubator established according to  the Theory of Biological Reconstruction of Assets. Different from ordinary incubators, the bioeconomy incubator can provide comprehensive and personalized nanny-style services to the recombination targets.

Health Internet of things (iHealth) 

    Sinobioway Group has established the health internet of things (iHealth) by integrating modern scientific and technological achievements, which can realize online health monitoring. iHealth is mainly composed of four parts: life information transducers, a satellite navigation system, information processing center and a health service system. The system is capable of achieving all-day online health monitoring and management of human bodies. First, main health information is collected via sensors (such as pulses, blood pressure, body temperature, electrocardiogram and haematological indexes); the information is then delivered to the satellite navigation system before being sent to the information processing center to direct the health service system to conduct internet health services and on-site medical services following personalized information processing. Sinobioway Group has prominent strengths in three of the four above-mentioned parts: the first is with the sensors. Ordinary sensors such as iWatch can only collect data on pulses, blood pressure and body temperature; by comparison, Sinobioway’s iHealth sensors can identify over 80 haematological indexes without drawing blood; in terms of information processing, Sinobioway’s SQLFREE intelligent non-model database exceeds the world’s fastest supercomputers such as Milky Way Ⅱ in terms of processing capacity and speed; in addition, with regard to the health service system, Sinobioway has established the dumbbell model, which provides customers with high-quality, all-round and fast health services.